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Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

The War Heritage Institute (WHI) commits to making the website accessible, in accordance with the following legislation: Law of 19 July 2018 relating to the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector organisations.

The present accessibility statement applies to: fortbreendonk.be


Compliance level

This website partially complies with accessibility requirements according to the European Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Preparing your statement

An external accessibility audit was conducted on 19/03/2024. This audit was a simplified analysis. 

Inaccessible content

Some pages of the website contain non-accessible content:

  • Provide a link title that describes the function of the link for an anchor element
  • Use h1-h6 to identify section headings.
  • Provide a description of field groups using the fieldset and legend elements
  • Ensure there is a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 between the text (and text in image form) and the text background
  • Add a link at the top of each page to go directly to the main body of the content
  • Provide a title using the title element
Suggested alternatives

For all specific requests, please contact our team through: com@warheritage.be. There is currently no alternative for the non-accessible content listed above.

Contact data

If you have any questions or thoughts about the accessibility of our site/application, please contact:

You can contact us by filling out the form available under our website’s “Contact” tab. For specific questions, please contact one of the following e-mail addresses:

If the service mentioned above fails to respond, please contact the following mediator:

Complaints coordination
War Heritage Institute
Parc du Cinquantenaire 3
1000 Brussels

You will receive an automatic acknowledgment and a personalised response within 30 days.

In case of no response or unsatisfactory response, please contact the Federal Ombudsman:

Federal Ombudsman
Rue de Louvain 48
1000 Brussels


Improvement plan

To address the concerns raised in the report, the War Heritage Institute - within its capabilities - is making efforts in the area of the accessibility of the website.

This statement was prepared on 03/18/2024.

The last review of the statement took place on 04/04/2024.